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This page gathers information about implementation efforts and interest, along with interoperability testing plans. We have a goal to develop a hosted validator that can exercise implementors' AM, Host, Requester, and User Agent endpoints to increase interoperability, roughly in the March timeframe. To this end, we have secured a commitment from the Kantara Initiative to encourage validator development by offering a bounty (details to be announced).

Interest and effort mentioned in UMA meetings so far (no obligation implied!); please get in touch with Eve if you would like to be added to the list.


Protocol: AM

Protocol: Host

Protocol: Requester

UX: "relationship manager"







Expressed interest in doing an UMA-compliant implementation. Currently the Mydex work is built on ID-WSF and information cards.






As an OpenSSO architect, has been preparing to do a complete "reference" implementation that may be suitable as a code base for productized efforts. The Host will use a filter-based approach, to make it easy to "wrap" existing web apps to support AM and Requester interactions.






Has expressed interest in working on an implementation related to distributed social networking use cases.






Has expressed an interest in coding, with a preference for working in Java

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