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(1) Discussion Group Name

Identity Community Update Discussion Group (ICU-DG)

(2) Discussion Topic/Purpose/Motivation

The goal of the ICU-DG is to provide a means for the extended, global Identity Community to easily remain up to date with the status of various identity-related projects that are within as well as external to Kantara Initiative.  The ICU-DG invites participants of the identity projects and industry experts to join the ongoing discussion within the framework of publicly-available podcast series.

The ICU-DG podcast series will include:

  • Discussions about the various identity-related projects by their participants as well as analysts, developers, and deployers.
  • Periodic updates on the Kantara Initiative projects and related events.
  • Blog posts associated with each podcast episode that include summaries, related information, and referenced links.

(3) Discussion Group Leadership

J.Trent Adams, Internet Society

(4) Audience (who is this DG aimed to attracting into the discussion)

  • Identity Project Participants
  • Enterprise, Government, and Educational Deployers of Identity Solutions
  • End-Users of Identity Solutions
  • Identity Solution Developers
  • Standards Setting Organizations
  • Identity Industry Analysts / Journalists / Bloggers

(5) Copyright Policy (which copyright license will this DG operate under)

Kantara Initiative IPR Policies: Option Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike

(6) Proposers

  • J.Trent Adams, Internet Society
  • Brett McDowell, Kantara Initiative
  • Eve Maler, Sun Microsystems
  • Lucy Lynch, Internet Society

(7) Resources Required

In addition to the standard allocation for each Discussion Group, the ICU-DG will also require the following additional resources:

  • Teleconference system with MP3 recording capabilities.
  • Server space for the podcast MP3 files.
  • Server location for the podcast series RSS feed.
  • Blog posting tool with RSS feeds.
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