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Voting Participants: Ken Dagg, Martin Smith, Mark Hapner, Mark King, Richard Wilsher

Non-voting participants: Jimmy Jung, Pete Palmer

Staff: Kay Chopard

Proposed Agenda


  1. Roll call, determination of quorum
  2. Agenda confirmation
  3. Minutes approval - 2021-09-16 DRAFT Minutes
  4. Staff reports and updates
  5. LC reports and updates
  6. Call for Tweet-worthy items to feed (@KantaraNews)


a.     New Zealand comments

 Any Other Business and Next Meeting Date

Meeting notes 

Administrative Items:

The meeting was called to order at about 1:05                                         PM (US Eastern).  Recording advisory given 

Roll was called. The meeting was quorate.

Minutes approval:  Mark King moved approval of the draft Minutes of the IAWG meeting of Sept 16. Mark Hapner seconded. The minutes were approved unanimously.

Staff reports and Updates:

Kay – Moving to Zoom soon, info next week. UK consultation comments–submitted and confirmed receipt. Thanks to Ken and other contributors. Have submitted a proposal to Paris-based consortium for managing assessments against slightly different framework. No idea of likelihood. Trying to look for other opportunities. 

LC reports and Updates:

Ken – Nothing much. New proposed WG to extend mDL Privacy Info DG. Probably J Wunderluck to chair. 

Ken invites tweets. 


Ken notes we are pending finalization of criteria. 

New Zealand Comments:

Ken – sent out revised draft yesterday, now displaying slightly updated version from that. Comments due 9-29. 


(1) scope of coverage.

(2) privacy centric vs. "respecting/preserving". PP likes "preserving". MS agrees, but is that the most common term these days. Ken says should be fine. Outcome 

(3) Term facilitator is not clear,.

(4) Cred risk is understood" – Idea is to put burden on issuer.  RW–maybe include idea of actually reducing risk. Ken will rework. 

(5)  "Participation is inclusive" –  Two comments. Admirable to be inclusive, but maybe government should help underserved. Also, not reasonable that every CSP issues to everyone. 

(6) Facilitation mechanism – Throwing a 

(7)  Correlation – COnsent 

(8)  No higher-level credentials to be used:  Ken – we find it unclear. MK-- also idea of it doesn't make sense. KD – but do we want to speculate. 

(9)  Correlation, persistent identifiers. – M King: seems OK. 

(10) Compliance and mapping – MK adds idea of NZ CSPs benefitting from mapping. 

Ken - thanks for input, will fix up and circulate. Does Kay want to submit to strengthen her contacts?  Kay - yes, thanks. 

Other Business:

MK: question on Indigenous and Ontario activity post-recent- govt reorg. Apparently have published something. Ken: will check to see if Kantara is mentioned. 

The next IAWG meeting will be Thursday, Oct 7 at 1pm EST to discuss status of open issues regarding the pending package of proposed criteria changes. 

Ken adjourned the meeting around 1:40 pm EST. 

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