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Information Structure Framework 

  • Consent By Design

Legal Cases Studies for Receipts 

  • Proof of Notice 
    • Before Consent and Terms of Service which are consented too, to be valid, they must meet some minimum requirements, online this is a privacy notice
    • Alternative flow presented to address the terms and conditions issues standards have been developed for privacy transparency and accountability online, these can now be used to replaces online T&C's
  • Evidence of Consent
  • Data Sovereignty - aka Digital Single Market for Privacy and Data, European Economic Area = 30 countries, and CoE 108 + (ratified in 2023 = 51 counties) 

Technical (Context Specific) Use Case's

  • Generating a Receipt 
    • all stakeholders – 
  • Cookies/Records for preferences 
    • replacing cookies 
  • Children Rights Online 
    • Access to Privacy Rights
    • Parental Consent - what are the boundaries 
      • consent versus permission 
  • Micro-Credential - for Data Governance with eIDAS in Canada
    • Consented use of university certificate for access to education and employment 
    • 3 layers of consideration
      • consent by design approach 
      • interoperable data governance 
  • Video Surveillance 
    • Consented Facial Recognition
  • OpenBanking

Technical Use Cases Summary


  • Case Study is overarching topic 
  • Use case is a component of a topic, technical or otherwise. 
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