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Status of Minutes

Draft proposals for new business

Approved at: 2020-05-07 Meeting notes (ISI)





Quorum Status: 


Quorum requirements to be determined and updated here by Staff as new member sign the GPA 

Participant Roster - As of 2020-02-20 quorum is 6 of 11

(Voting participants are: Yusuf Khan, Jim Pasquale, John Wunderlich, James Ascberger, Andrew Hughes, Mark Lizar, Lisa LeVasseur, Mary Hodder, Oscar Santolalla, Iain Henderson, Sal DAgostino )

Discussion Items





 15 mins
  • Roll call
  • Agenda bashing

Jim P

3/26 All and any ISI meetings are now required to read this statement before any business is conducted regardless if the meeting is Quorum or not.

Thank you for joining the call today. 
This Work Group operates under the Non-Assertion Covenant IPR option found as an appendix to IPR Policies V2.0 that Kantara operates.
The Group Participation Agreement memorializes your acknowledgment of the terms under which you participate in this Work Group. Every person who has acknowledged the GPA is listed in the Participant Roster, as a voting or non-voting participant.
However, there are circumstances, such as in-person workshops or calls where non-participant guests may be present who have not acknowledged the GPA for this Work Group.

Every person on this call is strongly encouraged to acknowledge the GPA for this Work Group prior to any form of participation.
If you have not, or do not wish to, please Note Well the following before you participate in any form.

1) in accordance with the Kantara Initiative IPR Policies V2.0, all contributions by voice are valid contributions alongside the much more preferred written contributions and while you still retain your IP, you grant Kantara copyright equivalent to the terms of the Non-Assertion Covenant without further condition or reservation.

2) it is your own IP and not another party's IP

3) such contributions are not confidential or otherwise subject to the limitation in its distribution, including pricing or other competitively sensitive information.

Again, if you are uncertain about any matters, please remain silent and do not contribute anything in writing.

Called to order 10:40


Reminder to include above in all meeting notes forward.

Reminder to only use the ISI Meeting minutes template for all subsequent Projects 

3/26 Quorum

Jim Pasquale if a quorum is achieved move to motion first

Jim Pasquale Last open item to be reviewed is Ken's request to reaching out for solution demos of information sharing. Discussion about how many companies and issues around the volume.

  • Candidate organization identified
  • One of the members of WG leadership will reach out to connect and ask for a demo, possibly leading to request to join

2 min

Motion to approve prior minutes


MOTION: To approve the last meeting minutes.

Moved by: Iain Henderson

Second: John Wunderlich

Discussion: None

Motion: Carried

45 min

Motion to approve (Fast track) Adding the BIT as a Kantara report

MOTION: To approve the creation of a WG Kantara Report based on the BIT work contributed by Paul Knowles included as supporting content. Paul Knowles to be the lead editor.

Moved by: John Wunderlich

Second: Iain Henderson

Discussion: Jim Pasquale says work needs a summary and conclusion. Colin Wallis With group approval of publishing the report, doing the document preparation, can be published without a 45 day voting for a specification (with LC vote to publish). Yusuf Khan talked about possible missing elements like medical identifiers or digital certificates and implications under different regulatory frameworks. Paul Knowlesresponded to the details. The intent of this list is to give people something to look at, not necessarily to demonstrate/prove regulatory compliance. Kenneth Klingensteinasks about the difference between PII and Sensitive Data (maybe a demo about obfuscation later). Paul Knowlessays 49 elements in BIT. More on the side of PII than sensitive data. A little broader because of the inclusion of things like free text fields. Schemas can flag fields as sensitive. Action up to the data controller. Kenneth Klingensteinasks if BIT is open to contributions from others. Paul KnowlesThe taxonomy has been pretty stable but is open to contributions if something comes up. Kenneth Klingensteinvolunteers to assist in document refinement - including processes for updating the list. Paul Knowlesmay be possible to use BIT as the basis for future development. Colin Wallisre: the question of IPR for the report. This group uses a non-assertion covenant so entities could use BIT as that basis for proprietary products, services etc. They would need to recognize Kantara but could assert IPR on their extension or IP so long as distinct from Kantara. Lisa LeVasseurasks if we are positioning this as a recommended best practice. Colin WallisNo, it's a report. John Wunderlich will assist on content.


0 minEOM Project ReviewsPTL'sEach project shall have 10 minutes to provide their monthly update. Five minutes for updates, five minutes Q/A. (PLTs use this space to memorialize those updates)
1 minNews about new implementationsAll

Reminder: The intentcasting project will have its first meeting on Friday the 17th, please check the ISI or Main calendar for the details

2  minDemo status updateAll

Deferred to next week

Standing reminder to solicit current and new companies to contribute to the Mock Dashboard demo. Currently, demonstrating importing and exporting Kantara v 1.1 CRs into third party systems.


 Kenneth Klingenstein Ready to do the CAR (Consent Informed Attribute Release) part two demo. Ken is moving some demo videos to a YouTube channel that will be shared when ready.

 provided the following in the chat

0 minSpecification update approach

See a flowchart version of this here:

15 minOrganization of Confluence


4/09: Not much to go over. Jim Pasquale, please use consistent format and that GPA reading ritual is observed.

Iain setting up a blog or several blogs around the work he is doing around a stab at an 80/ 20 rule approach to building a standard list of:
- data types (i.e. general categories into which specific data attributes can be grouped)
- data purposes (i.e. general categories into which specific uses of data can be grouped)
- 6 legal bases/ authorities for data processing under GDPR

John Wunderlich suggests creating a first level page for Discussion Topics that might be of interest across projects.

4/02: Securing a meeting time using GMT1 or GMT2  process.

Regardless of ongoing or a single special project meeting, in order to accommodate All of the Kantara WG, you must start at the Main Kantara Calendar   Choose a primary and secondary date and time-based on the Main Calendar timezone (Eastern normally -5 GMT). Send an email to Isabella Novais (Bella) to check, include on what the title should be, schedule it, send it to the ISI WG and the KI@Gmail, please. Once it is scheduled with no conflicts from other WG the event will need Armin to add both to the Google Calendar. 

Mark Lizar Salvatore D'Agostino Mike J Schmidt  AdvCIS meeting need to be backfilled into this process in order for publication as required above.

Work that is related to each separate project should be entered into child pages beneath the specific project page.

John Wunderlich suggests creating a first level page for Discussion Topics that might be of interest across projects.

0 minDiscussion on taxonomies

4/09: Target presentation of candidate BIT report next week's meeting. Working meeting on Wednesday 10:00 AM

Ken's working on some docs to be shared in a blog and or General topic resource page: either directly or by sending to the LC to get the initial setup.

Paul Knowles's contribution to new work for a proposed report.

5 min

Upcoming events update


MyData Europe cancelled

MyData Community meeting in mid-March in Amsterdam was held virtually

See the Kantara Events page:

New Business ProposedAll

4/09: Lisa LeVasseur pointed out IDPro Book of Knowledge as useful input

Colin Wallis ISO 27560 Privacy technologies - consent record information structure national ballot approved

3/26 A reminder to all voting members on the importance of being on time joining the call. 


Kenneth Klingenstein We need to have an open discussion as to where Ken's work which spans multiple projects work should be placed. John Wunderlich has suggested creating a first level page for Discussion Topics that might be of interest across projects. I do not disagree nonetheless we need to decide how it will be structure, ie will it be open? or managed by one or two people, have sub-topic pages?, etc..

Mark Lizar believes he and his team are ready to present to the ISI WG his project proposal covering Key requirements On the next call 03/12

  • What the project will do
  • How long it will take
  • What are the outcomes and contingencies  

0 minCommon Accord"CommonAccord is an initiative to create global codes of legal transacting by codifying and automating legal documents, including contracts, permits, organizational documents, and consents." We may want to include elements of common accord in some of our work, but note that it is under an open-source license, so we will be having a discussion about how to include while maintaining this work on the Kantara WG IPR
1 minGPAAllTom raises the point that signing the GPA didn't point to the actual agreement. Leadership will look at this to fix it.

Next meetingAll

*** Next call 2020-04-16 10:30 am Eastern DAYLIGHT Time