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Inputs for Notice & Consent State Records

  • Personal Data Categories
  • GDPR Extension with the W3C Data Privacy Vocabulary
  • OPN Notice Receipt
  • Blinding Identity Taxonomy

Added References 

  • ISO 29184 
  • GDPR May 4th, 2018 
    • Update on Consent May 4th, 2020
  • PIPEDA Meaningful Consent Law 
  • Convention 108 +

Contributed Works

  File Modified
Microsoft Word Document CR GDPR extension-3.docx Apr 03, 2020 by Mark Lizar
Microsoft Word Document CRv1.7-Consent State Records.docx Apr 03, 2020 by Mark Lizar
PDF File GDPR-Consent-EDPB-Update_guidelines_202005_consent_en.pdf May 08, 2020 by Mark Lizar

Intro Notice & Consent Receipt: Consent state records

  • Specification intro
  • Specification Table of Contents discussed:  Meeting 2020-05-06 AdvCIS 
    • Introduction

      Notations and Abbreviations

      Terms and definitions

      Terms - Section heading

      Elements of a Receipt

      1. a) Introduction
      2. b) Conformance
      3. c) Receipt Terms and Fields 
      4. d) Receipt data structure
      5.  e) 
      6. f) 29184 Presentation and Delivery (for transparency, security and compliance to legal standards)
      7. g) JSON Schema


      1. a) General
      2. b) Sensitive or Special Categories of Personal Information
      3. c) Security and Integrity
        1. Data Capture and Masking
          1. Blinding Identity Taxonomy 
        2. LifeCycle Considerations 



      Appendix A: 

      Appendix B: 

      Appendix C:

      Appendix D: Options Security Consideration Framework & the Blinding Identity Taxonomy

      Appendix E: Linking and Stacking: Receipt & Record examples 

      Revision history