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The CISWG History:

Distributing Data Control (the purpose of the receipt)

The Consent Receipt work has been a part of a bottom-up movement for personal data control that started at Identity Commons in 2006, in a project called Identity Trust. 

Eventually, that project found its home at Kantara because Kantara is a bottom-up, open industry organisation that supports the digital identity industry.  Kantara's Information Sharing Work Group, provided the home for the Consent Receipt work which was charted to be contributed to ISO when completed (in this case the target became ISO/IEC 29184 Online privacy notices and consent). 

The objective of the consent receipt works has been to standardise notice for human centric transparency and to enabl data control by providing a record of consent people can use to control personal data.   The consent receipt, is work that is defined by advocacy for digital transparency, for Digital trust and personal data control.  


What's Next 

Now that this work has completed its charter and can be contributed to ISO in the;

The work has been contributed to ISO..

Project Complete

The Future: Open, Transparent and Interoperable

As a result of the community support for work in personal data control the Kantara ISI WG has started to host space for project  related work.   

Connecting community efforts, SDO's and projects to support decentralised control of personal data adopting an international record and receipt format for consent.  

  • How to Contribute Works

  • How to Propose a Topic

  • Tell us about a standards effort for data governance 

    • Form

    • Data Governance Standards & Specs - Directory (TBD)


Contributed works 

  • Blinding Identity Taxonomy

  • PDP 

  • Personal Data Categories

Derivative Works

  • CR2 (in progress in AdvCIS Project) 

Interoperable Standards and Specifications 


  • W3C Data Privacy Control Vocabulary

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