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ABOUT: Pan-Canadian Trust Framework Privacy Drafts . In light of DIACC's request to review and comment on the PCTF Privacy Component Overview V0.05 and Privacy Conformance Profile V0.12 Discussion Drafts, IAWG has prepared the Kantara comments. The Kantara comments has been compiled in the submission form v.1.0, please see the document here: DIACC-Submission-Form-Privacy-ENG Kantara Initiative v1.0.xlsx

MOTION: To approve the Kantara comments version 1.0 on PCTF Privacy Component Overview  and Privacy Conformance Profile Discussion Drafts. 

Please cast your vote below by Monday, September 2 at 12:00pm EDT. In order to record you vote, you need to log in into Confluence Wiki.

Approve Kantara Comments v1.0 on PCTF Privacy Drafts  Result Voters
Yes 6 Mark Hapner , Jim Pasquale , Jim Willeke , Ken Dagg , Martin Smith , Richard Wilsher
No  0
Abstain  1 JJ Harkema
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