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Status of Minutes


Approved at: 2019-12-12 Meeting notes (CR) DRAFT



  • Jim Pasquale
  • Andrew Hughes
  • Lisa LeVasseur
  • James Aschberger
  • Oscar Santolalla
  • Paul Knowles
  • Iain Henderson


  • Tom Jones
  • Colin Wallis


  • Many due to US Independence Day celebrations

Quorum Status

Meeting was  quorate

Voting participants

Participant Roster (2016) - As of 2019-05-15 quorum is 6 of 11

(Voting participants are: Iain Henderson, Mary Hodder, Mark Lizar, Jim Pasquale (C), John Wunderlich (VC), Andrew Hughes (VC), Oscar Santolalla, Richard Gomer, Paul Knowles, Lisa LeVasseur, James Aschberger)

Discussion Items





4 mins
  • Roll call
  • Agenda bashing
  • Organization updates - Identiverse debrief
  • Please remember to update your entry on the Consent Receipts Implementations Page - this is a major landing point for external viewers and raises awareness of the CIS WG work and your product too
  • Update on Charter refresh work
  • Discuss next steps for v2 specification 
  • AOB
10 min
  • Organization updates

Please review these blogs offline for current status on Kantara and all the DG/WG:

There is a wiki page that will hold all the known implementations of Consent Receipts - Please update the page or inform Jim, or John, or Andrew of your implementation.

  • DONE! Identity North, Toronto, June
  • DONE!  EEMA, June 18 2019, London
  • DONE! Identiverse, Washington, June
  • TBD - USENIX SOUPS '19 and PEPR '19 symposia August 11-13 Santa Clara, CA
  • MyData, Helsinki, September
  • Identiverse
    • Kantara had a Masterclass session, UMA and CIS WG as well.
    • Andrew gave a recap of the sessions - lots of interest in Consent Receipts and expect to see more Participants coming into the WG
 10 minSpecification enhancement project statusJim

5  minDemo status updateall

Recording from Identiverse should be available by end of July. The presentation is now modular with short videos available to show implementations in Kantara Members' products.

0 minSpecification update approach

See a flowchart version of this here:

20 minWG Charter RefreshIain Henderson
  • (2019-06-13) Iain suggests that it is probably time to review and update the Charter
    • ACTION: Iain to lead the review of current version of the WG Charter and bring a draft to the WG for discussion. Iain to inform the WG of how and where to participate.
  • (2019-07-04) Iain sends his regrets (Iain may be heading into vacation - will check)
    • Continue to send your comments and information about the WG charter to Iain
    • Jim summarized some of the discussion about how information sharing, consent, receipts and future framing of the work 
    • Andrew suggests that structuring the charter to support the idea of having distinct projects to run simultaneously has been asked for by many in the WG for a long time. To avoid 'single-tracking' the WG work and allow individuals to lead important work without being blocked by others' priorities.
    • ACTION: Jim, Andrew and John to work with Iain to assist with charter structuring and work management shaping.
    • Lisa notes that the presentation about the evolution of consent will be useful input into the charter work
5 minAOB

Next meeting

*** Next call 2019-07-11 10:30 am Eastern DAYLIGHT Time

Lisa moves adjournment; James seconds.