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(1) WORK GROUP NAME: WG Name (and any acronym or abbreviation of the name) - The WG name, acronym and abbreviation shall not include (1) trademarks not owned by the Organization, or (2) content that is infringing, harmful, or inappropriate;

ID-Web Services Framework (ID-WSF) Evolution  Work Group

(2 ) PURPOSE: 

The ID-WSF Evolution Work Group will work to foster evolution and adoption of the Liberty Alliance ID-WSF Specification Set and equivalent functionality - this ultimately manifested as a submission of technical work to an appropriate OASIS Technical Committee, the IETF, or other relevant SSOs for standardization. Evolution of the ID-WSF Specification Set may include functionality to address new use cases, additional bindings beyond SOAP, or profiling of other technical specifications to increase harmonization .

The ID-WSF WG's work will be driven by use cases derived from the participants of the ID-WSF Work group or other Kantara Initiative Work or Discussion Groups.

The ID-WSF Work Group is responsible for driving the harmonization and interoperability of the ID-WSF Specification Set and protocols which currently coexist in the identity space, user-centric, permission-based access to identity-enabled web services.

The WG will be responsible for:

  • The phased development of ID-WSF Draft Specification deliverables
  • Overseeing the contribution of Technical Specifications developed to an existing Standards Setting Organizations.
  • Developing and maintaining appropriate relationships and liaisons with other Kantara Initiative Work or Discussion Groups and external bodies, as deemed appropriate by the Work Group.
  • Creating of supporting technical materials for market education and evangelism.

The work of the ID-WSF WG will be conducted in accordance with the Kantara Initiative Operating Procedures.

(3) SCOPE: Scope - The Scope must be related to the purpose of the Organization and must include a definition of the work that is envisioned. The ID-WSF WG is chartered to:

  • Ensure that the ID-WSF Specification Set evolves in way that fosters potential harmonization and convergence with related industry technical efforts.
  • Develop technical proposals for the evolution of the ID-WSF Technical spec
  • Establish liaison relationships with appropriate external, vendor neutral industry groups and bodies to ensure Work Group requirements and specifications are understood, addressed when submitted to the appropriate Standards Setting Organization
  • Strive to ensure that the work within the Work Group does not duplicate or conflict with the relevant work of other external, vendor neutral industry group and standards organizations.
  • Develop and deliver supporting technical documentation for market education/evangelism
  • Reference technical work in external, vendor neutral industry groups and bodies

(4) DRAFT TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Working Titles of draft Technical Specifications to be produced (if any) and projected completion dates and the SSO(s) to which these Specifications will be submitted upon approval by the Membership;

The ID-WSF extensions to OAuth is expected to be submitted to the IETG OAuth group

The ID-WSF 2.0 specifications are expected to be submitted to appropriate TCs within OASIS

(5) RECOMMENDATIONS: Other Draft Recommendations and projected completion dates (i.e., deliverables that are not Technical Specifications that will be submitted for All Member Ballot);

Updates to Testing Procedures (ID-WSF)

(6) LEADERSHIP: Proposed WG Chair and Editor(s) (if any) subject to confirmation by a vote of the WG Participants;

Initial Chair: Paul Madsen, NTT

(7) AUDIENCE: Developers, deployers, vendors, service providers, identity providers developing Identity based Services in a Federated environment....

(8) DURATION: The Kantara Initiative Leadership Council charters the ID-WSF Evolution Work Group for five years. It may be amended from time to time, with changes approved by the Leadership Council. This charter will expire in June of 2014.

(9 )IPR POLICY: The Intellectual Property Rights Policy under which the WG will operate;

  • Kantara IPR Policy - Liberty Option

(10) RELATED WORK AND LIAISONS: Related work being done in other WGs or organizations and any proposed liaison with other WGs or organizations;

  • Various WS-* TCs in OASIS
  • OAuth activity in IETF

(11) FOUNDING Proposing MEMBERS: Names, email addresses, and any constituent affiliations of at least the minimum set of proposers required to support forming the WG

  • Paul Madsen, NTT
  • Conor Cahill, Intel
  • Hubert Le Van Gong, Sun Microsystems

(12) CONTRIBUTIONS (optional): Optionally, a list of contributions that the proposers anticipate will be made to the WG.

Liberty Alliance Technology Expert Group will contribute the Liberty ID-WSF Specification Set to the ID-WSF Evolution Work

Liberty Alliance Technology Expert Group will contribute the ID-WSF Testing Procedures to the ID-WSF Evolution Work Group.




July 8th, 2009

The Leadership Council ratifies this charter for operation.

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