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  • DRAFT 2018-06-13 Meeting notes
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Status of Minutes

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Meeting minutes and notes are DRAFT until approved by the WG voting members. Use this section to link to the meeting minutes that recorded the approval motion.


Approved at: <<Insert link to minutes showing approval>>


  1. Call to order
    1. Roll Call & Determination of quorum status
    2. Agenda bashing
    3. Kantara Organization updates 
  2. WG Motions
    1. Motion to approve DRAFT 2018-04-04 Meeting notes and DRAFT 2018-05-02 Meeting notes and DRAFT 2018-05-30 Meeting notes
  3. Discussion of document draft 
  4. Upcoming conferences and events
  5. All Other Business (AOB)
  6. Adjourn



  •  Corné van Rooij, Andrew Hughes, Jim Pasquale, John Wunderlich


  • Chris Cooper, Jaap Franke, David Turner, Chris Olsen, Chris Pointon, Joss Langford, Nancy Lush, Julie Mass 



Quorum Status

Meeting was quorate

Voting participants

Participant roster - Quorum is 4 of 6 as of 2018-04-02

(Voting status: Corné van Rooij, Jim Pasquale, Andrew Hughes, Tony Fish, Pushpalanka Jayawardhana, John Wunderlich)

Discussion Items





5 min
  • Call to order
  • Roll call
  • Agenda bashing
  • Organization updates

5 minWG Motions
Quorum required 

Meeting was not quorate at the time of motion-making - deferred

Motion to approve DRAFT 2018-04-04 Meeting notes and DRAFT 2018-05-02 Meeting notes and DRAFT 2018-05-30 Meeting notes

Moved by: Jim Pasquale

Seconded: John Wunderlich

Result: Motion carries

5 min




30 minDiscussion on document draftingAll

The draft is in a Google doc - feel free to comment - Chairs and Editor will control acceptance of material.

  • Consent platform vendor list - IAB EU is keeping a list
    • We could include a description of their consent cookie approach to contrast to this approach
  • iWelcome is connecting with customers and prospects to discuss their practices and solutions
  • We are inviting demonstrations of solutions to the WG
  • Nymity (legal research & documentation, templates, best practice library) - John to connect
    • Privacy Office management and support tool
  • OneTrust - ?
  • iubenda - ?
  • UK ICO - John to initiate a connection at the appropriate time
  • (Estonia) - Corne to reconnect
  • "Another possibility. Each of the big consulting firms (Deloitte, PWC, EY, KPMG, etc) will have consulting practices and internal documentation around consent and consent management. Are they worth approaching?" - Chris to approach
    • They might be studying increases in value if a 'good consent' is obtained - does this measurably change the customer journey value
    • John to connect with his contacts in Canada
    • Corne to connect with his contacts in NL
  • What about Brands? e.g. BBC
    • iWelcome has a monthly report on GDPR uptake
  • What about collecting BAD practices as a contrast to GOOD practice?

5 minUpcoming conferences and eventsAndrew

Events that Kantara will have an active role:

5 minAOBChair


Next WG meeting Wednesday, June 27, 2018 10:00 Eastern Daylight Time / 15:00 BST

Action Items

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