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  • 2018-05-09 Meeting notes (WG Leads)
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  • David Turner

  • Jim Pasquale
  • Colin Wallis


  • WG work planning

Discussion items

  • WG call May 16, 2018 - Jim to host and record; Corné and Andrew at EIC Munich
    • invite JLINC to present
  • getting more companies to contribute
    • invite companies to demonstrate then do a post-interview
    • then post back the interview notes into a future meeting
  • Can use a simple matrix (TOC Headings x Company) to show coverage
  • Use EIC to collect companies to engage
  • Engage associations
    • talk with MEF, IAPP, Personal Data, MyData - to reach their members
    • ACH to talk with John W. to get people from IAPP Canada
    • Jim to approach MEF, IAPP: engage Jedd and Ryan to blog about Kantara and consent (include Colin in the discussion)
    • Colin is working on strategic alignment with IAPP 
  • KPMG, PWC, Deloitte, etc
    • Good if we can get them
    • Also individual consultants
  • We need to get Data Controllers to contribute, not just Data Processors
    • iWelcome has a bank, healthcare org, transportation org
    • Jim has David Kearns, Dan Blum - analyst outreach
  • what about the toolsets and content generators?
    • Iubenda, OneTrust, Nymity, 

Action items