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  • 2018-04-25 Meeting notes (WG Leads)
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  • WG work planning

Discussion items

  • Table of Contents
    • We need to get the TOC posted so we can start collecting practices from more and more organizations
    • Parallel work on Regulatory requirements and Practices
      • Use interview-style to collect many practices
    • Where do we get a list of organizations to interview?
      • Use the WG
      • Use IAPP; look for advertised use of consent; consent tech; 
      • Jim task to do followup blog with IAPP - cover a call for interest/participation 
    • How to get the information?
      • use the draft TOC to guide the discussion
    • Need to find/construct a simple model for notice and consent around which to ask the questions
      • has a word doc companion for the Consent Access SDK - guidelines on how to ask for consent
      • iWelcome to build similar doc including Actors
      • sources: look at Canada Privacy Commissioner, UK ICO, Article29 WP guidance, IAPP guidance (Andrew to research)
  • Andrew to create Agenda for next week's call
    • Micea -
    • Ken Klingenstein

Action items