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  1. Administration:
    1. Roll Call
    2. Agenda Confirmation
    3. Minutes approval DRAFT IAWG Meeting Minutes 2017-12-07
    4. Action Item Review: action item list
    5. Organization Updates - Director's Corner
    6. Staff reports and updates
    7. LC reports and updates
    8. Call for Tweet-worthy items to feed (@KantaraNews or #kantara)
  2. Discussion
          a. Review and Approve Revised 63A_SAC and 63B_SACs v0.8.0 (attached).
          b. GSA Sub-group discussion - Review compiled comments on GSA TFS Certification Process and ConOps (attached). 

  3. AOB

Ruth Puente

Andrew Hughes

Richard Wilsher

Jose Lopez


Don Campbell

Mark Hapner

Colin Wallis



As of 2017-03-16, quorum is 4 of 8 (see list box below for voting members)

Meeting (did) achieve quorum


  • Mark Hapner, Resilient
  • Scott Shorter, IAWG Vice Chair
  • Andrew Hughes, LC Chair
  • Richard Wilsher, Zygma 


  • José Lopez, Zentry
  • Don Campbell, Medallies 
  • Nathan Faut


  • Colin Wallis, KI ED
  • Ruth Puente, KI Executive 


  • Ken Dagg

Notes & Minutes

Revised 63A_SAC and 63B_SAC  

Review period for SAC docs 45d  from tomorrow to Jan 29.

Andrew Hughes makes the motion to approve the SAC-A SAC-B and pass it along to KI for IPR review.  RGW seconds. 

GSA Documents Discussion

Gathering comments on GSA Trust Framework Conops and Certification Program docs – group to gather final comments on row numbers by COB Tues, will submit to Ruth who will compile and we meet Thursday to approve, then submit to GSA by Friday.


Next meeting next Thursday 2017-12-21. 

ED Report 

Colin reported from Consumer identity world conference in Singapore. Well attended, there were a number of people in attendance.  NRI from Japan, NZ represented, conference organizers from AU, total of 28 on the sign-in sheet.  Well received, although not much participation from the audience.  Lengthy discussion of merits of expanding KI into asia pacific.  Numbers weren’t large but the pre-conference workshop was reasonably well received.   CW owes us a Director’s Corner for December, will prepare one for New Year’s Day. New membership structure starts on the first of January.