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Meanwhile, with the generous support of for supplying editing resources, work continues apace on the NIST SP 800-63-3 Service Assessment Criteria for identity & credential service providers whose solutions are utilized by relying parties online.  Consent Receipt topped our downloads this month, beating our regular winner, the Identity Assurance Framework document suite that underpins Kantara's Trust Framework Operations Program. As you browse the new content on that link, please take our Survey regarding your current or planned compliance with Identity Management related standards.  Help us to help you!

And on the Personal Data side of the house, the V1.1 of the Consent Receipt is near final, while accompanying GDPR-related new work items are being prepped and planned for announcement. The first of those will be the Consent Management Systems Best Practice work group, designed to draw in service providers in the space and converge their Best Practice, so if your organization is in this space, please look out for the announcement of the opening of this work group. Thank you members iWelcome and for your directed funds to bring this most important work forward.