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  • eGov Meeting Notes 6 November 2017

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Time: 11:00 PDT | 14:00 EDT | 20:00 CET


  • Keith Uber
  • Denny Prvu
  • Rainer Hörbe


Sorry, this is a bit late ..



1. Roll call + note taker


4. Reports from countries and recent conferences, upcoming conferences 

Keith attended Ministerial eGov Conference in Tallinn 6 Oct 2017


Keith told about Finland, Estonia and Norway (Difi) eIDAS status, related projects. 

Austria eIDAS Status

Middleware and proxy approach technically ready


This will not have a big impact on deployment on cross-border. 

German eID (MPA) roll out is very low in Germany.

Easy for an SP to switch from a broker to a middleware model. 

CA offer VM based (or appliance) drop in solution.

Discussion around container models for deployment, remote management and automatic upgrading of infrastructure security components.




Federation Bootcamp - the nucleus with a discussion with NGOs that are members of various federations. 

Workshop on Federation for culture and art clubs, environmentalists, lobbyist groups.


Looking for other participants.


The Austrian have Chamber of Commerce offering federation for procurement platform, national standards institute, credit score services

Use is limited to commercial companies - other non-companies have no federation in Austria. 

5. AOB