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  • 2017-04-26 Draft Meeting Notes

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KI Approved CSP-to-IDESG SALS MoU Rev1.1 (1).docx

  • Colin clarified that the MoU is a KI standard template.
  • David commented that in order to finalize the MoU it will need an IDESG legal review.
  • David supported the approach in providing an annex that would be the description of the on-boarding process and procedures. It will allow to make future changes.
  • Ben and David will work on the on-boarding process text.
  • Timeframe to finalize the MoU and on-boarding process Annex: Early summer. Changes to the Registry will require more time due to the resources needed.
  • 2nd and 3rd bullets of Section 2: Ben suggested replacing SLA with “into the annex”.
On-boarding process - Annex
  • Way to present to KI Approved CSPs the IDEF compliance (part of the communication to the KI approved CSPs)

-There will be baseline requirements that are not fully fulfilled by CSPs so IDESG will represent that as "implementation underway", not fully conformant yet. IDESG believes that the CSPs are in the best position to update the status if they have implemented, policies, systems and operations that would be conformant with the baselines requirements, which would be part of the registration and attestation process.

-e.g. this is what you are pre-qualified for, and these are the baseline requirements even if there is partial conformance. IDESG would like to see CSPs assess and attest to any of the baseline requirements whether or not already prequalified.

Further language for the annex:

Part of the process would be that Kantara-approved CSPs initiate registration and get a “pass” on the “Fully Compliant” items, then they will attest to the remaining IDEF Baseline criteria.  Finally, they will need to accept the standard terms and conditions and submit a complete package (attestation form). 

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