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Dear Kantara Initiative Members,

This email initiates an All-Member eBallot to approve the Kantara Initiative Candidate Recommendation below as a Kantara Initiative Recommendation.

We strongly encourage all members to be familiar with the topic and document development process before casting your vote below.

Motion:To approve the Work Group Draft Recommendation "<Document> <Version> <Document Date>" as a Kantara Initiative Recommendation.

Please reply to this email:

[  ] YES

[  ] NO with optional comment:

[  ] ABSTAIN with optional comment:



Document Date:

Document URL:

<Name of Candidate Recommendation>

<Version number>

<Document date of Candidate Recommendation Document>

Download the document <Document URL> — NOTE: this should be done as a hyperlink to avoid showing the complex URL

Document wiki page:

Comment Dispositions page:

WG Charter:

<Wiki page containing links to the Draft Recommendation>

<Wiki page containing links to the comment dispositions log>

<Link to relevant WG Charter>

Ballot Opens:

Ballot Closes:

<Ballot Opening Date>

<Ballot Opening Date +14 days minimum>

Voting Rules:

A Supermajority (75% affirmative) of those voting in this All-Member Ballot, with at least 15% of all Members voting is required to approve the document as a Kantara Initiative Recommendation.

Please note, this number includes individual members who are allowed to vote.

Ballot Information:

The prerequisites for this All-Member Ballot have been met:

Section 5.5 "Member Ballots of Work Group Recommendations" of the Kantara Initiative Bylaws and Article 6 "All-Member Ballot of a Draft Recommendation" of the Kantara Initiative Operating Procedures v2.0 require certification by a majority of Leadership Council voters that the draft Recommendation is ready for an All-Member Ballot, which means that:

-- The draft Recommendation is within the scope of the WG Charter;

-- That the required 45-day Public Review and Comment period has occurred;

-- Comments received have been reviewed by the WG, a disposition made and logged, the document draft updated accordingly;

-- A majority of the eligible Work Group voters have approved the draft Recommendation for approval via an All-Member Ballot.

Eligible Voters:

This All-Member Ballot is open to all Members of Kantara Initiative, Inc.
- Each member organization may cast only one vote.
- The Primary Representative from each member organization should cast the member's vote.
- If you are unsure who your Primary Representative is please contact for assistance.