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  • 2017-02 (February 2017) Meetings

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Thursday, April 13


Attending: Eve, Matisse, Devon, Doug, Marco, Thomas, Susan

At this point, people have had many chances to review most of the Report content; only a few pieces are new (though there are some holes yet to be filled). Most particularly, we need to decide on our Recommendations.

Figure 1 highlights the need for a hashed data management system and an addressing management system, above and beyond native blockchain capabilities. Further, IAM infrastructure is separate. Thomas created this figure to point out the "stack" of needs. John W suggested adding the identities/entities on "either end". This is a key insight.

Eve suggest that we all review the Report's observations, make candidate recommendations, and discuss and begin selecting them by next Thursday. We need to finish our work by the end of April.

Matisse suggests that our recommendations should be about future research. Ethereum is under so many attacks that certain projects keep being pushing out.

Susan notes that there is legislation starting up in 10 or more states. Should we develop guidance around legislation?

Keep in mind Kantara's specific opportunities for recommendations. Kantara could develop a specific liaison relationship with this ISO committee, for example.

Tuesday, February 21