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  • NISTIR 8112 Attribute Metadata community review

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This is the home for the Kantara-convened community discussion on NISTIR 8112 Attribute Metadata public draft.  

Our participants discuss the document and post Issues and comments to the NIST github repo. Note that each person or organization is responsible for posting their own feedback to NIST as Kantara will not be assembling a centralized list.


Public Draft Open for Comments:


  • Does this bring value to federated scenarios and identity solutions?
  • Would your community or organization profile this schema to support a specific solution or sector?
  • Is the body of attribute and attribute value metadata complete? What is missing? What should be removed?
  • Is the categorization adequate and complete? Did we miss anything that is critical to improve trust and confidence in decision making based on federated attributes?
  • Is trust-time vs. run-time sufficiently considered? Should the defined attribute metadata be shifted among these two lifecycle phases?
  • Is the delineation between attribute and attribute value metadata clear and are both required in this schema?
  • Is level of effort required to integrate and leverage the schema commensurate with the value of the schema?
  • Does the addition of the metadata negatively impact performance of systems?

Discussion Call Schedule

Join our open meetings:

DATES: Thursdays September 8, September 15, September 29 2017

TIME: 12:00 Pacific Time | 15:00 Eastern Time 

  • Dial-in Details
  • Skype: +99051000000481
  • US Dial-In: +1-805-309-2350
  • Conference ID: 613-2898

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