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  • ID Pro: Good progress has been made over the month on the next phase of establishing an association for digital Identity Professionals. The pledge page closes soon! Those 300 or so folks that have signed by August 31st will be surveyed for their views on a range of basic founding principles needed to direct the way forward, and later invited onto a Discussion Group to review the survey results and plan the next activities.  
  • KIPI R&D Funding: July and early August has seen a further two whitepapers 'encouraged' by the funders to be developed into Phase 1 Project Initiation Documents for review. Great news! Congratulations to Cirrus ID Identity and Exponent! We wish you all the best in getting your PIDs accepted.  Keep those proposals coming folks!
  • OTTO WG:  The OTTO WG is generating considerable interest from other federations, in particular Higher Ed: OTTO is developing the APIs a "registration authority" would use to publish and manage federations. It is defining four endpoints: /federations, /federation_entity, /organization, and /schema Right now federation operators create their own software to manage the workflow for organizations joining the federation, and registering entities (like SAML IDPs and SPs). OTTO provide standard APIs for this, and would leverage JSON-LD to prevent duplication of data (as happens today with inter-federation). OTTO is also leveraging a JSON query syntax called JSPath to enable complex searches of the federation or inter-federation data which is more powerful than MDQ (more like ldap search filters, while MDQ is like a dictionary lookup). More info: