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Wherever you are reading this.. on your phone on a beach or lake, on your back porch, perhaps in the ski lodge in Australia, New Zealand or South America, I hope you take time to think about your next step in engaging with Kantara and other industry consortia that, while different in their particular focus, share a common goal towards a better place for the world's digital citizens.  

To that end, we are just so busy right now as we plan for new activities in the Fall. So if you have a few hours a week you could spare, to help us on a range of project management and administrative work, staff@kantarainitiative would love to hear from you. 



Around the Houses:


  • Blockchain Smart Contracts had its inaugural call a few days ago, with good attendance.  
  • The Identity Assurance WG is running off cycle calls to discuss and gather comments on the new draft, NIST 800-63-3. NIST joined us on our last call and encourages Kantara to offer formal comments in the fullness of time.

New Members:

  • Kantara welcomes David Inglehart and JLINC Labs as new members. Thank you David, Jim, Victor and Iain! 


  • Folks really love our snazzy graphics on our website sliders, so kudos to our web guru Oliver and Virtual's Marketing team. They were also responsible for the 'If you signed the ID Pro pledge and want a 'I signed the pledge' badge ribbons and the device case stickers we gave away at Cloud Identity Summit. If you have more ideas please contact the ED.ribbon for your next conference, or want a Kantara device case sticker, contact with your physical address details and they will post it to you. 
  • Virtual's marketing team is working on a summer newsletter for your delectation. What for it coming down the pipe soon. 

Program, Work Group and Discussion Group Updates:

  • CIS WG: The Consent Receipt spec has undergone more surgery and tracking well towards its is now in the hands of an external reviewer, in preparation for release later in the year.
  • Identity Assurance WG: An ad hoc call schedule has been set up to review and comment on the new draft 800-63-3. Rock up to contribute and learn.Program: Ruth Puente, Program Manager recently circulated a note about updates to the Assurance Assessment scheme document, which explains how the Assurance Program operates. This AAS revision introduces a specific process which CSPs and their selected Assessors shall follow when Un-scheduled Assessments are required as a result of changes to a CSP and/or its Approved service(s), or when the ARB requests such an assessment, both of which are addressed in §4.7. AAS v5.0 is attached and available at the Kantara website: 
  • Smart Contracts and Blockchain DG: This  As noted above, this ground breaking work takes some elements of the Common Accord development, together with Distributed Ledger Technology to explore a step-change in the way online services contracts might be structuredput dynamically 'encode' contracts and memorialize them on the Blockchain.  


  • You can find the events we hope to see you at here on the events page on the website.