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  • Draft Meeting Minutes 26 May 2016

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Kantara FIWG Teleconference 

Draft for Editing

Date and Time

  • Date: 26, May 2016
  • Time: 12:00 PT |15:00 ET


    • Colin Wallis
    • Scott Cantor
    • Nick Roy
    • Rainer Hoerbe
    • Walter Hoehn
  • Regrets
  • John Bradley


 Roll Call

Here are my notes from today's call.  Thanks to everyone for the great discussion.







John Bradley






Meeting removes Matt Tebo from voting for non attendance.

Walter is moving to voting status.

Scott moves to accept the minutes from Aug 20 and receive the notes. Walter Hoehn seconded.

No objections, motion carried.


1) Walter is currently the only nomination. If there are no further nominations then the staff will give 7 day notice on Monday for any opposition.


2) Next steps for hand-off of interop implementation profile into this group -


- The document is now in the Kantara github

- Proposal to leave it in current form and convert to Word for final formatting.

- Ask LC about using other formats.

  • Scott move to accept the SAML v2 implementation profile for federation interoperability from InCommon as the basis for ongoing work. Seconded by Reiner.
  • No objections, motion passes.

Need to invite people to review, We need to decide on when is the best time for that.

- Scott wonders about the remaining diffs from eGov, which are things that are mostly in the spec, but might be argued to be in the interop profile for testability / bulleted list reasons.  There are already some things in the document that basically repeat the standard.  Very hard to know where the dividing line is between the spec and this profile.  We're not trying to require everything in the spec, because if we were requiring everything in the spec, then we don't need this profile.  If the thing needs to be self-contained, then it has a long list of things we need to pull in.  But if you read the standard, you're going to have to do a bunch of things we're not requiring in the profile.

 - The profile was developed to extend the profile , we will extend the profile to be clear about what won't be tested.

 Call ended at 65 min.

  • Jordan (Protiviti)
  • Mat Tebo
  • Mike Jones
  • Nate Klingenstein
  • Peter Alterman

  • Joni

  • Rainer Hoerbe
  • Walter Hoehn
  • Colin Wallis
  • Nick Roy
  • Walter Forbes Hoehn
  • Rainer Hoerbe
  • Walter Hoehn