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So you can see it's another busy month or so ahead before we look forward to holidays in the northern hemisphere.  Thank you again for your efforts to support your fellow members and the organization as a whole. An organization is nothing without its members.




  • ISO/ITU-T: ISO SC27's meeting was held in Tampa FL, and we were fortunate to have a number of Kantara members to attend, speak to our Liaison Statement to Working Group 5, Identity Management and Privacy. Of particular interest is ISO 29184, Guidelines for online privacy notices and consent along with reviews of 29115 Entity Authentication Assurance, and 24760-1 A framework for Identity Management.
  • Two further liaisons remain in progress, with an announcement expected in June. 

New Activities:

  • I've mentioned the ID Pro initiative above, but in addition we continue to get strong interest in Kantara's R&D funding program, in partnership with Rutgers university, NJ. Another proposal is showing promise, with 4 more in preparation and a further 5 from IIW and EIC still yet to materialize. Thanks to the folks who are preparing further project submissions. We look forward to them. 

New Members:

  • Kantara welcomes  the other member from Australia that was in process last month. That organization is the Digital Transformation Office of the Australian Government. Amongst several other notable organizations we welcome back Neustar, Inc. 


  • We have a self standing banner, flyers and revised slide deck for use in Kantara supported events. If you have ideas please contact the ED.

Work Group and Discussion Group Updates:

  • CIS WG: Consent Receipt nearly ready for prime time at its launch at CIS in June.
  • OTTO WG: Really interesting and much needed inter-federation work continues for OAuth and SAML communities
  • Smart Contracts and Blockchain DG: This ground breaking working takes some elements of the Common Accord development, together with Distributed Ledger Technology to explore a step-change in the way online services contracts might be structured.