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ParticipantCompanyGPA Signed
Biswas, Vivek 05-26-2016

Bulleit, Doug

DCS Health, LLC


Cartwright, AlecBT07-25-2016
Catalano, DomenicoOracle07-25-2016
Clark, RobN/A2016-10-21
Clement, Philippe 05-30-2016
Connor, KathleenBaycliffe Stategies, Inc.2017-01-02
Connor-Green, DevonN/A2016-10-26
Conway, ShaunConsent2016-10-25
Cordoba, Arturo 07-13-2016
D'Agostino, SalvatoreIDmachines LLC05-30-2016
Dangeard, MarcDangeard Group05-27-2016
Daniels, SebastienSAF VISUAL08-22-2016
David, Scott 08-12-2016
Farina, MassimoDirICTo07-28-2016
GILOT, MD, Bryant JosephN/A2016-11-08
Goldby, MiriamN/A2016-11-04
Gropper, AdrianPatient Privacy Rights08-29-2016

Hondo, Maryann



Hughes, Andrew 05-26-2016
joseph, susanN/A2016-12-13
Kirkpatrick, Gil 05-26-2016
Klee, LionelRealMe, New Zealand Government2016-12-20
Kuppinger, MartinKuppingerCole05-27-2016
Kuppuswamy, SathishPacific Gas & Electric Company2016-10-07
Kumar, IshanUnboundID06-20-2016
Lim, HyungJinFinancial Security Institute2016-09-23
Lizar, MarkOpen Consent Group06-06-2016
Luijten, Jean-Paul 06-06-2016

Mattern, Eli



Mason, AndrewN/A2016-10-18
Moehrke, John 08-29-2016

Nelson, Clare

AllClear ID


Niebuhr, ThorstenWedaCon GmbH06-01-2016
Piraux, Jean-LouisLuxembourg Institute of Science and Technology06-08-2016
Poovalapil, SijeshN/A2016-10-31
Ransom, TimDatacom Systems (Wellington) Ltd05-29-2016
Rissanen, TeemuConseils Oy Secure Link05-26-2016
Rotondi, DomenicoFINCONS SpA05-27-2016
Schwartz, StevenGlobal Cyber Consultants2016-11-18
seymour, tonyamseymour consulting2016-09-23
Shawn, ChrisVA05-26-2016
Smedinghoff, TomLocke Lord LLP06-03-2016
Stollman, Jeffrmtm05-27-2016
Quigley, DonaldGE06-02-2016
Vervenne, LukSynergetics NV07-25-2016
Wallis, Colin 05-11-2016
Wang, Wen YeuNational Taiwan University05-27-2016
Vroom, AnnVroomConsults06-22-2016