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(Notes from the 2015 series were kept in email: 2015-08-062015-08-142015-08-212015-08-282015-09-042015-09-112015-09-252015-10-022015-10-092015-10-162015-10-232015-10-302015-11-062015-11-202015-12-042015-12-112015-12-18.)



, Time, Documents

"Legal" topics are currently being covered in a separate legal-business framework meeting series. See the UMA calendar for details. Current documents being worked on (WG participants will receive edit access for the asking; others may receive view access):


Attending: Eve, Colin, Nancy, Andi, Domenico

We worked directly in the document, accepting suggestions and editing the results.

We discussed whether we should keep "Alice" for consistency as the resource owner name, vs. use variety (e.g. the "Jane" example as in Andi's new "simple example up top).

AI: Domenico: In the Mapping Graphics slide 19 graphic, can he please ensure that the "technical terms" (currently with no-color background outside the legal terms) be distinguished somehow (maybe with italic or with a color background) and be all lowercase?

In the Typical Use Case section, let's try telling a brief narrative story about the life insurance use case, either before or after the technical definitions, so as to make it easy for nontechnical readers to understand those definitions. We do need the technical definitions – otherwise we can't delve into the permission token/license work that the paper needs to do.


Attending: Eve, Andi, Domenico, Nancy, Tim, Cigdem