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"Legal" topics are currently being covered in a separate legal-business framework meeting series. See the UMA calendar for details.


Attending: Eve, Andi, Domenico, Nancy, Tim, Cigdem

If we are addressing a business-legal audience, should we start with a relatively technical approach, or should we start with use cases? We do have a challenge with people not understanding UMA. We are finding confusion out there. We did say at the end of the last paper: "The next papers in this series will explore the application of UMA licensing model to specific use cases for various categories of owners and custodians of personal digital assets in the global digital information society." So we could start with a (full?) set of concrete use cases, and then work through them step-wise.

So let's have an outline like this:

  • Part 1: Introduction
    • Explain UMA at a high level to a primarily business-technical audience
      • Explain technical terms in the context of State 1: RO = DS = singular RRA
  • Part 2: Delegation of Resource Rights Administration Use Cases
    • Use cases written in simple language (maybe one paragraph each), illustrating various of the DS/RO/RRA states and state changes
    • A state machine showing the states and changes
    • A section working through those use cases with the permission token flows and consequences
  • Part 3: Sharing relationship use cases (policies change based on changes in relationship with RqA?)
    • Subsections are like part 2's subsections...
  • Part 4: Delegation of Requesting Agent Role Use Cases
    • (e.g., Alice shares her connected car with Bob and he gives his keys to her car to the valet for parking)

It's perfectly fine to blow up the text that's in the current document vs. trying to make the existing text work. Nothing in there is sacred. Andi's schedule has now cleared enough that he should be able to contribute significantly for the next couple of weeks.

Future meetings: The call next week (Oct 8) is already cancelled. Eve can't make the call on Oct 15 but Ruth P has kindly agreed to start the call!


Attending: Eve, Cigdem, Domenico, Nancy, Tim, Vlad, Sal