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Kantara Initiative Identity Assurance WG Teleconference

Table of Contents


DRAFT Meeting Minutes - IAWG approval required

Date and Time


  1. Administration:
    1. Roll Call
    2. Agenda Confirmation
    3. Minutes Approval: 
    4. Action Item Review
    5. Organization Updates - Director's Corner
    6. Staff reports and updates
    7. LC reports and updates
    8. Call for Tweet-worthy items to feed (@KantaraNews or #kantara)
  2. Discussion
    1. Finish discussion of IAF 5415
    2. SAC modification proposal (see attachment)
    3. Discussion of IAWG Comment on Privacy-Enhanced Identity Broker white paper
    4. Discussion of IAWG Comment on Circular A-130 changes 
    5. Wiki restructure proposal
  3. AOB
  4. Adjourn


Link to IAWG Roster

As of 2015-11-05, quorum is 5 of 9


Meeting did achieved quorum


  • Ken Dagg (C)
  • Scott Shorter (S)
  • Paul Caskey
  • Andrew Hughes (VC)
  • Richard Wilsher


  •  Christine Abruzzi


  •  Ruth Puente


  • None

Notes & Minutes


Minutes Approval
DRAFT IAWG Meeting Minutes 2015-11-05

(meeting had not achieved quorum at this point in the agenda)

Action Item Review


Staff Updates

LC Updates
  •  1.0.1 of UMA has been approved, going out for public comment period, hoping to be done by xmas
  • ARB is on hiatus, expecting announcement soon of CSPs going through the approval process
Participant updates
  •  None


Discussion on IAF 5415 -

The latest draft submitted on Nov 6th. Call for comments.


No objections, the motion passed.

SAC Modification Proposal

There is a deadline of Nov 30 for requests for funding.


Andrew asks if there are serious questions about the document as is.  Richard mentions is prior email, but would suggest the "weasel words" that if the funding is approved then IAWG can adjust the specifics.

Circular A.130

- out for comments. Date for comments is Nov 20. Only comments Ken had were around Privacy, which is a secondary mandate for the IAWG. The document discusses individual identity without defining it. Suggest changing that to "identify an individual". It implies an inventory of information including all personal information - not as explicit as it should be in other parts of the document. Doesnt include the fact that a registry of information that identifies the PII that is obtained. Because it's around strategic management of information as a strategic resource.  If anyone else have comments beyond that we can put them in and meet the deadline.  Ken previously sent comments to the list Nov 3.

Privacy Enhanced Identity Broker

Discuss or defer?

Andrew suggests that it is a multi-workgroup response, he will lead on behalf of IAWG.  Andrew will respond Dec 1 as to progress.

Wiki restructure proposal

Brief overview - Ruth proposed some changes to reorganize the wiki. Due to the need of refreshing the IAWG wiki content, organizing the information and tracking tools to better follow up the IAWG work, she proposed to restructure the wiki in an info-map.


Scott mentions having reviewed, agree with sharing with the IAWG and then based on comments we can get it implemented.


Call for other business, none at this time.




Next Meeting

  • Date: Thursday, 2015-12-03
  • Time: 12:00 PT | 15:00 ET
  • Time: 12:00 PDT | 15:00 EDT
  • United States Toll +1 (805) 309-2350
  • Alternate Toll +1 (714) 551-9842
    Skype: +99051000000481
    • Conference ID: 613-2898
  • International Dial-In Numbers