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Item #DescriptionAssigned toEst. CompletionStatus
2013-09-19Submit discussion thread about interpretation of credential "disable" term to the Ticket system for formal disposition.Andrew Hughes26 September 2013In Progress

Refer to LC for discussion:

  • Discussion about "Proposers" section - the initial ones are important (since this is not a group re-formation, but a charter refresh)
  • Refer to LC for discussion: do we want brand new proposers every revision? a record of the Chair/Vice at the time of the revision? or other?
  • (26Sep2013): Question about order of process: IAWG should vote on it first then LC votes on acceptance of it.
Myisha Frasier-McElveen25 September 2013In Progress

Forward Ticket items that have been resolved to correct lists for next action.

  • (29Aug2013): Sent request to Staff to clarify process.
  • (12Sep2013): Staff to discuss process for updates internally.
  • (26Sep2013): Still under discussion internally.
Andrew Hughes8 August 2013


15 October

In Progress

Glossary updates underway. Next draft should be available in 4 weeks

  • (11July2013): Defer item to future meeting
  • (1Aug2013): No comments on new additions received yet - reminder sent to sub-group.
  • (29Aug2013): Working through comments now. Aiming for distribution prior to next call.
  • (5Sep2013): A few comments remain outstanding.
  • (12Sep2013): Glossary draft has been distributed for IAWG comments and feedback.
  • (19Sep2013): Repeated call for comments. Finalization of draft text scheduled for next call.
  • (26Sep2013): Still waiting for comments.
Ken Dagg

Updated:26 Sept 2013

In Progress

Chair to discuss with Exec. Director the need for a Content Management System analysis and potential tool for IAF/SAC & funding options

  • (2013-Jun-20): Discussion occurred; vision has been always to have a CMS - possibly a database with online self-serve document generation capability (in whichever output format is needed); team will be needed to draw up a wireframe and requirements for a custom developed tool
  • (2013-Jun-27): Call for lead is required. Myisha to send a call to list for volunteer lead.
  • (2013-Aug-29): Call for lead has been put to the Quarterly Status report - will be distributed from there
  • (2013-Sep-12): No report
  • (2013-Sep-26): Early investigation indicates that Terena uses a system that looks promising - Terena lead available in November 2013. ARB has the same agenda item. Pause any activity on assessing systems until we are able to engage Terena. Proposed to continue seeking a Kantara lead.
Myisha Frasier-McElveenSeptember 2013In progress

IAWG-NIST F2F in DC area to discuss approach and feedback on 800-63 v IAF analysis approach

(2013-Aug-1): Comment that perhaps ICAM should be invited as well.

Staff / IAWG LeadsTBDNot started