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  • DRAFT Meeting Minutes 2013-08-29

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  1. Administration:
    1. Roll Call
    2. Agenda Confirmation
    3. Organization updates - Director's Corner
    4. Upcoming Events page:
    5. Report out from latest LC meeting
    6. Action Item Review
    7. Leadership election results
  2. Discussion
    1. Call for HIAWG Charter Refresh
      1. WG Charter update & suggestions to start the discussion - Refreshed HIAWG Charter
    2. First Deliverable proposed: "Analysis of the feasibility of using a single comprehensive or several overlapping Accreditation Schemes for certification of Identity Proofing & Verification and Credential Management Service Providers."
  3. AOB
  4. Adjourn



Organization updates - Director's Corner

  • Recent press release announcing MOU with Direct Trust and ENHAC
    • HIAWG will be central in developing this collaboration
  • Have signed a Liaison MOU with IDESG - to share operational experience
  • ForgeRock has become a Trustee-level member - there is now a vacancy as LC Liaison rep on the Board of Trustees
  • UMA1-Interoperability event is proceeding at MIT in October; Kantara is a media sponsor
  • Workshop scheduled prior to SmartCard Alliance October - assembling panellists now
  • Attending UserCentricID Live and IDESG
  • Securing space for workshop prior to RSA Europe - topic is Security-Privacy alignment or non-alignment
  • FCCX has been awarded to SecureKey (a Kantara member) - Kantara working closely with FCCX team
    • IDP/CSP seeking to connect to FCCX will need certification by a Trust Framework Provider (that's us!)
  • Upcoming Events page:
  • Report out from latest LC meeting
    • WGs are working on their charter refresh exercises
      • Working to align WGs to support and align Kantara's value statement & mission
      • Deadline for refresh is September 25
    • Kantara Plenary meeting planned for November 10-11 in Vancouver - asking WGs for attendance plans
    • IAWG is planning a DC area meeting to talk with NIST/FICAM/FCCX in the fall
  • Pete Palmer was elected as Chair and Andrew Hughes elected as Vice Chair on August 9, 2013.