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  • UMA F2F 2010-11-01

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Other updates from the wider UMA world


User stories: add, review, prioritize, decide

We reviewed the new User Stories page. The page isn't very complete yet; Eve put in a sampling of user stories to test the columnal design, column sorting, and general "feel". Epics are tightly associated collections of stories; she has made epics all be in the "UX" category so that they focus on a human being's desire for some benefit. Some stories are "negative", in that they express some (typically malicious) entity's desired outcome that we want to avoid if at all possible.

It was observed that the stories zoom from high-level to low-level, and the "so that..." (motivation) portion of the descriptions could useful become more motivational and less technical/mechanistic even for the lower-level stories. Apparently the Ruby community likes to move the "so that..." portion earlier, in which case it would make sense to rephrase it as "in order to...". But since this is a fairly invasive change without obvious huge benefit we're likely to keep it in the current order.

Many new stories were suggested over the course of the rest of the meeting.