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Draft 1.0, approved 14 Oct 2010 by the Kantara UMA Work Group Questions? Send mail to


The deadline for indications of submission interest has passedbounty program is now complete. We received two such indicationssubmissions, and bounty awards have been decided. Thank you, submitters!


  • Develop material that assists in validating the compliance of implemented authorization manager, host, requester, and authorizing user/user agent endpoints to the UMA draft specifications (and their referenced external specifications).


  • It is recommended that draft submissions be sent by 6 Dec 2010 to allow time for WG review and feedback before the final deadline. (Now COMPLETE.)
  • Submissions of completed materials are due by 13 Dec 2010, 11:59pm Pacific time, to be eligible. (Now COMPLETE.)
  • The UMA WG, by a simple majority of those voting (any submitters recusing themselves from voting), will decide and announce bounty awards by 16 Dec 2010. (Now COMPLETE.)
  • The Kantara managing director will administer any awarded funds by 31 Dec 2010. (Now COMPLETE.)