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Matt Tebo
Mary Ruddy
Drummond Reed
Scott Cantor
John Bradley

Hank Mauldin

Joni Brennan

FIWG Agenda

Thursday 1 July 2010 12p PDT / 3p EDT / 19:00 UTC

1. Administrative:

  • Roll Call---This is a Non-Quorate Mtg
  • Unable to approve previous meeting notes
  • Action Item Review:
  • Leadership Nominations---Closed
  • 20100617-01 Scott Cantor---Closed
  • Leadership Vote - Closes July 2

2. Call for volunteers for work group secretary---NONE

3. Use Cases

  • None have been posted.  Members are reminded to post desired use case(s) to the mail list.

4. Discussion of Scott's input:

  • No specific comments.
  • Discussion took place to explain potential relationship consideration to MDX spec. Advantage of MDX is that you can download a subset of metadata to your needs.
  • Issues explained around multiple trust anchors.  Relates to ICAM SAML 2.0 profile where ICAM collects meta-data and re-purposes it so that RPs only need to trust one end point. 
    MDX is really an implementation tool that makes using multi-protocol tools easier across communities.

5. Entity naming issues.
Discussed concepts around naming "forever" should not include something that will change or go away in x time understanding that the name would stand until an entity got acquired or otherwise. Discussion around who assigns the names---specifically an over-arching org or the entity themselves.

6. AOB


Thursday 8 July 2010  12p PDT / 3p EDT / 19:00 UTC
Teleconference Info:
 * Skype: +9900827042954214
 * North American Dial-In: +1-201-793-9022
 * Room Code (Pass Code): 2954214