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  1. Add a close button to the popup
  2. Disable the left and right horizontal scrolling controls if there are no more account-buttons to see
  3. Add a "MyNCBI" button and have it link to the MyNCBI login page
  4. Wiki MarkupAfter the user clicks on an account-button it should launch a separate browser window (showing all the regular chrome etc.). \ [ulx:Have a look at how Janrain RPX UX works--their popup launches a second browser window (SBW)\]
  5. Each account-button should redirect the SBW to a fake copy of the the correct OpenID or SAML or Infocard site. 
    1. I-card
      1. Replace Citigroup account-button with a new PayPal button. The PayPal non-fake is
      2. The Equifax non-fake is
      3. We should delete Acxiom account-button because their IdP site is currently password protected (it is live but not public)
    2. OpenID
      1. Yahoo non-fake is here
      2. Google non-fake is here
      3. Replace AOL account-button with Windows Live ID here
      4. Delete Wave account-button
    3. SAML
      1. The non-fake OSU is
      2. <BU, "Bost" etc. urls here >
  6. As you type in the search field it should dynamically filter the visual display of account buttons. There should be no need to type return/enter
  7. Change the search bar to say "Search accounts i.e. Boston University"
  8. The words "Connect with" should not be bold
  9. Replace "Connect with:" with "Connect with..."unmigrated-wiki-markup
  10. Display account buttons for all accounts \ [ulx:Valeska to create 5 more account-buttons\] including Boston University and the other "bost" account-buttons
  11. Replace the search field icon/button with an icon floating inside on the right of the search field
  12. Wiki MarkupAfter the user logs in, the background page should change to look different from the login page AND the "Connect" button should be replaced with a "Disconnect" button \ [ulx:Valeska to create a Disconnect icon\]
  13. Change the orange vertical bars back to the blue color we started with
  14. The new "MyNCBI" account-button should replace Google in the upper left. 
  15. On Equifax, Acxiom and Citigroup account-buttons redirect the SBW to the correct URLs in the SBW --duplicate of #5
  16. Each account-button should have a tool-tip
  17. Tooltip on Connect button: "Click here to sign in"
  18. Tooltip on the Disconnect button: "Click here to sign out"
  19. Match the style of screen "D" and "E" Valeska can provide you these screens
  20. Remove "MyNCBI" button from the top right of the pubmed home page
  21. Paul will probably want to replace Citigroup with PayPal account-button
  22. Add mouse-over treatment on account-buttons (see Valeska's screen "F")