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(4) DRAFT TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: List Working Titles of draft Technical Specifications to be produced (if any), projected completion dates, and the Standards Setting Organization(s) to which they will be submitted upon approval by the Membership.


(5) OTHER DRAFT RECOMMENDATIONS: Other Draft Recommendations and projected completion dates for submission for All Member Ballot.


  • Izumi Kaneko, CA, Izumi (dot) Kaneko (at) ca (dot) com
  • Ichiro Nagano, NTT Software, ich (at) po (dot) ntts (dot) co (dot) jp
  • Nat Sakimura, NRI, n-sakimura (at) nri (dot) co (dot) jp
  • Takashi Shitamichi, Sun Micorsystems, Takashi (dot) Shitamichi (at) Sun (dot) com
  • Toshihiro Suzuki, Oracle, toshihiro (dot) suzuki (at) oracle (dot) com
  • Kenji Takahashi, NTT, takahashi (at) kenji (at) lab (dot) ntt (dot) co (dot) jp




June 24th, 2009

The Leadership Council ratifies this charter for operation.