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(4) DRAFT TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: List Working Titles of draft Technical Specifications to be produced (if any), projected completion dates, and the Standards Setting Organization(s) to which they will be submitted upon approval by the Membership.

  • Personal data store - an illustrative technical specification (in that we feel it is impossible to be definitive in this area)
  • Technical specifications for individual-driven information sharing mechanism(s)
  • Definition of Service Interface Specs (SIS) for each identified type of individual-driven information sharing (e.g. Buying Intentions)


(10) RELATED WORK AND LIAISONS: Related work being done in other WGs or other organizations and any proposed liaison with those other WGs or organizations.

  • Identity Assurance Framework_
  • Identity Governance Framework
  • Project VRM
  • Emerging VRM .dot org
  • Identity Card FoundationOpen ID Foundation
  • Identity Commons
  • DataPortability Project


  • Iain Henderson, Mydex Community Interest Company 
  • Bill Washburn
  • Joe Andrieu, SwitchBook
  • Eve Maler, Sun Microsystems
  • Doc Searls




May 22nd, 2009

The Leadership Council ratifies this charter for operation.

May 27th, 2009

Change Request: modify charter to include intended SDO submission in section 4.  The Leadership Council ratified the change request for inclusion in the UDVPI-Tech Charter.

April 5th, 2011

Editorial change to update deprecated IPR option "Liberty" to "Patent and Copyright (RAND)".  "Liberty" and "Patent and Copyright (RAND)" are the same IPR policy, however the Board of Trustees determined that "Liberty" as an IPR option title had no meaning.  The decision was made to update the option name to "Patent and Copyright (RAND)" as it was a more logical title.