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This policy serves to address the usage, administration, and management of Kantara Initiative Board of Trustees Directors (BoTBoD), Leadership Council (LC), Work Group (WG) and Discussion Group (DG) email discussion list


  • Anyone may access the Group Discussion List archives.  The discussions occur fully open to public review.
  • Anyone may Subscribe to any Group List.
    • A Participant in a Group is Subscribed to the Group List and has full posting rights.
    • A non-Participant in a Group may Subscribe to a Group List only as an Observer.
  • All Subscribers to all lists will be required to 'confirm' their email address by responding to an automated validation message.
  • Group Lists are not moderated.

(5) Board of


Directors and Leadership Council Lists

  • BoT BoD and LC representatives are Subscribed with posting permissions to both the BoT BoD and LC Lists for as long as they hold a seat on either the BoT BoD or the LC.
  • All others, whether a Member or a non-Member, may subscribe to the BoT BoD and LC Lists as Observers only.

This policy was approved by the Leadership Council on July 15, 2009, and by the Board of Trustees on July 16, 2009. 'Board of Trustees' was changed to 'Board of Directors' on September 13, 2016