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This Work Group operates under the Kantara IPR Policy - Option Patent & Copyright: Reciprocal Royalty Free with Opt-Out to Reasonable And Non discriminatory (RAND) (HTML version). Read the Spec | Join This Group | Subscribe to the Mailing List | Mailman Archive | Google Archive | UMA You can find any opt-outs on this page.

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We're holding monthly UMA tweet chats! The next one is on Wednesday, March 14, 2012. See the UMA Twitter chat home page ( for more information.
titleNext UMA tweet chat is March 14 #umachat
UMA extension efforts

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We are undertaking some important new work on an UMA "policy manager" extension, and more. You can check it out by reading our Meetings and Minutes, and if you're interested to contribute, be sure to click our Join link above! ⬆︎

Here are the UMA Grant (PDF, HTML for deep linking) and UMA Federated Authorization Recommendations (PDF, HTML for deep linking). Don't miss the UMA2 masterclass delivered by two UMAnitarians at the Identiverse conference in Boston in June 2018 (slides and video). (The slides and video from the previous year's Authorization: Age of UMA session set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was also a big hit!) The Release Notes review all final UMA1-to-UMA2 changes. See also the UMA Implementer's Guide, our list of known Implementations, and discussions of Case Studies. Finally, see the detailed UMA Grant sequence diagram and FedAuthz sequence diagram.

Follow us on Twitter – our handle is @UMAWG and we often use the hashtag #UMAWG. (You can mention
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The purpose of the UMA Work Group (charter) is to develop specs that let an individual control the authorization of data sharing and service access made between online services on the individual's behalf, and to facilitate interoperable implementations of the specs. Read the spec, join the group, get involved!

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User-Managed Access (UMA) is an award-winning OAuth-based protocol designed to give an individual a unified control point for authorizing who and what can get access to their digital data, content, and services, no matter where all those things live. Read the specs, join the group, check out the implementations, follow us on Twitter, get involved!

The group is currently working on extensions to UMA V2.0.

The short link for this page is

to take people back here.) Find us on Facebook too



  • February 8: The log of our first tweet chat is available. Read it to learn all about the plans for open-sourcing various UMA implementations.
  • January 25: Stay tuned for details of a F2F interop event we'll be holding at the Kantara Summit at EIC on April 17. If you're interested to participate, let us know!
  • January 12: We'll be holding an UMA Twitter chat, focusing on technical details (spec, implementation, interop, deployment), on Wednesday, February 8, 2012, at 9-10am Pacific time (time chart). Join us at that time by following the hashtag #umachat. See the UMA Twitter chat home page for more.
  • December 14: Thanks to those who joined our public webinar on Wednesday, December 14, and especially to our sponsors, IEEE-ISTO and Edentiti! You can find the slides here, and the webinar recording here. (You may want to skip to the 5:30 mark; technical snafus marred the first few minutes.)
    • 3 Dec '20: The UMA Work Group is pleased to accept a new profile contribution (to be provided immently) related to UK Pensions Dashboards as shown on-screen at its meeting today. Read all about it on our updated Third-Party Profiles and Extensions page.
    • 20 Oct '20: You can get UMAnitarian George Fletcher's UMA 101 presentation from IIW right here.
    • 15 Oct '20: We are undertaking some important new work on an UMA "policy manager" extension, and more. You can check it out by reading our Meetings and Minutes, and if you're interested to contribute, be sure to click our Join link above! ⬆︎
    • 1 Oct '20: WG chair Eve Maler presented UMA to the Decentralized Identity Foundation Secure Data Storage WG. Here are her slides
    • 22 Nov '19: There's a new implementation up on the Implementations page: PatientShare from Lush Group. It's also an implementation of the HEART profiles. Read all about it and check it out!

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