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  • 2022-01-19 Agenda and Meeting Notes DRAFT

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Desired Outcome
Meeting Administration
Roll Call
IPR Announcement

Agenda Confirmation

Minutes confirmation

Organizational Update
Executive Director and Staff Report

LC Chair Report

Objectives and Key Results

  • discuss the overall concept and methodology
  • discuss ways to align with Board priorities: OKR for Leadership Council
    • In a way, the Expectations look like Objectives and the Outcomes look like Key Results 
  • discuss the desired structure of OKRs for LC and WGs
    • Should we define ~3 Objectives at LC level with ~2 Key Results each?
    • Should each WG define their own OKR structure? or just point at OKRs from LC level?
    • Should LC-level explicitly interact with WG level?
    • We could define LC-level OKRs and WG-level Initiatives?

Discussion on Objectives

  • LC is more in a supporting role for the WG/DG (does the age/tenure of the WG/DG make a difference to the LC-WG relationship?)
    • LC to teach/enforce the operating procedures with the WG/DG
    • LC to coordinate/interface promotion of WG/DG
  • KR: Find sponsors for development of topics inside the WGs
  • Can LC coordinate the themes among WG/DG?
  • O: Ensure WGs are finding collaboration opportunities
  • LC acts as a sounding board in support of WG Chairs
  • LC assists WG/DG with conference proposals / coordination of participation
  • LC amplifies the work of WG/DG
  • What motivates LC members to attend the LC meetings?
    • Facilitate communications about work 
  • LC drives demand of WG/DG outputs
  • Is LC a 'super-WG' that looks like and operates in the style of a WG?
  • Does LC set the work programme for Kantara?
    • 'coordinate' 
    • The WG actually sets the work programme

New Business
Liaison Report Andrew, Ken

Proposals for new groups

Board UpdatePostpone


WG/DG Updates (Additional)20 minutes

Administrative Reminders/Requests: Please ensure your WG and DG charters are reasonably current. These are supposed to be reviewed annually.

Please make sure that membership is active, at the discretion of the chair, particularly by voting.

LC status blog updates need to be much more frequent.



UMA WG  -. 






Long-running Topics
Action Items Review

Please take a moment to review the list of action items and do your best to take action.

Policies & Procedures update

Link to Kantara Policies, including the Operating Procedures 

Boilerplate templates for email ballots are here.

Tips and Tricks

2022 Project Funding

Document repo/Publications Library

Kantara-presence Events

List of future events on