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10 min.Actions or issues from prior meetings

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40 min.Report content discussion & reviewAll
  • Gail Hodges update on Future Identity Council Digital ID Recommendations
  • Tom points out that most of the interesting use cases are regulated (age for alcohol etc)
    • Does this mean that there should be two 'bundles' - one required by legislation and one that is based on the business interests of the verifier
    • Doesn't like the idea of multiple transactions
  • Interesting convo on terminology and scope of bundles (bundle required by legislation and bundle wanted by verifier, for example)
    • It seems that the UI/UX for presentation and choice to avoid dark patterns and avoid the equivalent of the GDPR cookie consent fiasco (John's opinion) should be a requirement on the Holder's wallet, while clarity on minimizing the data in the required bundle is on the verifier.
5 min.Adjourn

Meeting Adjourned at 13:00