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Call to Order

If quorum:

  • Approve agenda
  • Approve minutes
  • Called to Order
  • The meeting is quorate
10 min.Actions or issues from prior meetings

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40 min.Report content discussion & reviewAll
  • Observation that PEMC WG should not attempt to define "Privacy" - WG should focus on the in-scope work and define what a "Privacy Enhancing Mobile Credential" 
  • Discussion on Abstract Use Cases concept
    • Suggestion to break the single use case/data flows diagram into the 5-ish use cases under consideration
  • Discussion on prioritization of submitted draft use case material - proposed designations:
    • P1 - Must include the use case in the target Report
    • P2 - Should include the use case in the target Report
    • P3 - May include (parking lot)
    • Will need to agree on the criteria for assigning each use case to a priority designation
  • Tom Jones Discuss Biometric Pre Check Use Case
    • Comment for air travel
      • the policy author is set prior to travel
      • the policy enforcement is determined by the travel destination
      • There may be other enforcement points
    • There may be multiple identification points - to enter the airport controlled area; to board the plane; to enter the destination country
    • In the diagram, note that the Wallet is the "PIP"
    • In the diagram the "ticket" is the union of the policies
5 min.Adjourn

Meeting Adjourned. 14:00