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Although some members of the UMA Work Group take part in the PP2PI effort as well, this report has no formal relationship with PP2PI. We seek feedback from PP2PI and others on this report.

Appendix A - User story out of scope details

We have based our user story on the PP2PI adolescent use case.  For the purpose of this paper, we intentionally simplified the story so that we could focus on the key value-adds UMA brings to solving this problem.  The intent was to keep the story simple so that the focus was on the solution.  In subsequent updates to this story, it is the intent to expand how additional details can support the more nuanced details.  For this whitepaper, we took the liberty of organizing the story so that we could build on the UMA/delegation functionality in a way that allowed the story to flow.


NL - will expand here.  Include some of the details we skipped.

Appendix B - Additional UMA Features

UMA features that would apply but were eliminated from the core paper to keep the message focused.


  • add more delegation examples
  • Multi-data subjects

Temporary Appendix - Julie's use case full details for reference (Will omit from final paper)

Description of use case – Adolescent Use Case