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  • continue the overview of 1st draft receipts field (link TBA)
  • reviewed and scoped with group comments CRWeb receipt format  (13jan22 version - crweb-receipt-format-20220113.xlsx)
  • Vitor Jesus Tadej Fius to create a template JSON first iteration of the current iteration of the receipt spec (still working on itWorking on a demo, and a external potential hackathon for early March: https://www.wearemillions.onlinedata model → the data model will raise missing details and specifics (e.g., what is excatly a "key")
  • IIW will be the end of April (show whatever we'd like) This session will be in-person what to present?
  • How does the lifecycle get addressed (Vitor will elaborate in the roadmap) Lifecycle manager not part of the receipt
    • the record or receipt should only include key information per the kind of consent as an extension of CR 1.1
  • @Črt There will also be work done on registries as part of Fair Data Protocol; juyst FYI at this point, but at one stage I see the structure of the receipt "registered" in this way:
  • rough roadmap for the essentials of the spec:
    • Working prototype
    by end of early to mid March
    • (in the sense of "Minimum Viable Concept/Product") by mid Feb. This is a website, add-on, html semantics, receipt record
    • This work to feed ideas (by end of Feb) and a potential participation in (1-21 March)
    • from here we develop the more advanced concepts such as lifecycle etc

===13 Jan2022===