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Staff: Kay Chopard, Lynzie Adams

Proposed Agenda


  1. Roll call, determination of quorum
  2. Agenda confirmation
  3. Minutes approval - 2021-08-26 DRAFT Minutes
  4. Staff reports and updates
  5. LC reports and updates
  6. Call for Tweet-worthy items to feed (@KantaraNews)


 Any Other Business and Next Meeting Date

Meeting notes 

Administrative Items:

The meeting was called to order at about 1:05PM (US Eastern). Roll was called. The meeting was quorate.


Ken thanked Kay for the information and intelligence provided to the working group, as it helps with planning and priorities.


Kay had a call with Phil Lam this morning. Federal agencies are talking to him about the difficulty they're having with pass rates due to facial recognition (AL2). Kay mentioned IAWG is drafting material to offer guidance/information to federal agencies about alternative controls. Phil agreed with David Temoshok that this is not a good move and does not think Kantara should take this position. He commented that it could negatively impact the relationship Kantara has with both NIST and GSA. Phil suggested if agencies reach out that they should be directed to NIST or even to him. Kay wanted to ensure IAWG was aware before moving forward in the current process. 


 Kay will continue to keep Ken and the IAWG up-to-date with progress from the discussions with GSA and others.

UK Response:

Ken put together a draft response and will circulate via the WG mailing list after the meeting. He has had preliminary feedback from Martin and Mark King. He asked all WG members to please review and send comments. The group will discuss at next week's meeting as the response is due back to the UK program on Monday, September 13.

Other Business:

Ken D. reported that we have received a call for comments from New Zealand on their planned Framework, and that input is due September 30th. He thinks at this point that we should provide some comment, and noted that we do have a little time before their deadline.  Ken will send it around after this meeting for discussion at the next IAWG meeting.