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  • 2021-08-19 DRAFT Meeting notes

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5 minCall to order 2:03PM
Tom Sullivan
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5 minRoll call, Agenda confirmation 
Tom SullivanQuorate
5 minApproval of DRAFT Minutes of June 3 and Aug 5 Meetings
Tom SullivanApproved
10 minRecent emails, meetings, updates, and brief discussions


Barry R. Hieb--PatientID Coalition. National Healthcare ID research prohibition revocation. Passed House; unknown in Senate. Might be a path to implement w/o Federal involvement. 

Pete PalmerHope to be back to greater participation going forward. 

30 min

FIRE workgroup update:  User Experience draft paper (distributed as attachment to HIAWG meeting invitation email) 

The intent of presenting this update to see its progress and make comments, but not significant changes, since the main author is Tom Jones who will determine the final utility of any edits. (See attachment, introduction, and link below)

This topic takes the concept of User Experience as a deep interaction with the user over time. The intent is to help Kantara plan for the next phases of development. 


 A proposal is in process to extend the Service Assessment Criteria for NIST SP 800-63 into a Trust Registry API for Mobile Applications that act as the User Agent. The existing proposal addresses the first phase of a user experience in acquiring a User Agent that will honor their intent. The next phase will be the development os specification to the current set of specification together into a complete package of all of the user attributes, and only those attributes that are required to establish and retain a relationship between one user and one relying party.  (See Wiki for more....)

Tom Sullivan– Intro. Like the idea. But worried that development that will mean something is under or funded by ONC. Not sure private efforts will be redundant. Have to be on the ONC working groups. 

Tom Sullivan– We should add a "provider delegate" role. Doctors don't do the logged-on stuff. Pete Palmerevery touch has to be documented. Would be great to "anchor" to a patient ID. 

Jim Kragh– For context, this is part of the overall project for which we're seeking funding from ONC.  This piece to focus on patient experience "conops." 

Tom Sullivan– Why is HIAWG reviewing this?  

Jim Kragh– good feedback for Tom J. – needs spell-check and clarifications. 

Tom Sullivan– where does KI fit in?  How does it relate to this doc?  Pete Palmer– historically KI tries to harmonize the KI framework for use outside the Federal framework. 

Tom SullivanHealthcare is heavily regulated and the larges largest funder, so NIST standards are in effect mandatory. 

5 min

Next Meeting/Conference call schedule: Regularly scheduled Conference calls, every first and third Thursday at 2 PM ET: Next: September 2: September 2, and then 16, 2021

Tom Sullivan

Ended at 3about 2:01PM40PM

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