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60minReview User Engagement Doc

FIRE WG User Engagement: User Agent Integrity

  • Reviewed User Engagement doc focusing on the Proofs section
  • Tom S suggests defining the different vendors (EHR, Technology, “patient portal”)
  • Discussion of possible additions to User categories
  • Potential future work: create infographic showing these processes from the patient POV

Nominal mentionOMB memo dated August 10  OMB memo dated August 10  ( compliments, in part, the User Engagement doc with their 'critical software' priorities around ICAM, web browser, endpoint security and a container which I envision being a user's smartphone (bottom of page 1).  Envision, if you will, the government having a dedicated FedRAMP for authenticated users with their smartphone that is part of a private sector trust framework.

Action items

  •  Action: Thomas e Sullivan, MD  will share the User Engagement wiki page with HIA WG meeting on Thursday for feedback.