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  • 2021-08-05 DRAFT Meeting notes

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5 minCall to order 2:05PM
Tom Sullivan
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5 minRoll call, Agenda confirmation 
Tom SullivanQuorare
5 minApproval of DRAFT Minutes of June 3 Meeting
Tom Sullivanpostponed to next meeting
10 minDiscussion of recent developments of interest 

FIRE: Jim KraghNew process in place, went to LC, updated, but now need to go to Board for approval. Kay Chopardmeeting with KI Pres. tomorrow to try to schedule early Board consideration.

Barry R. Hieb--PatientIDNow Coalition update: Unclear when prohibition on national Health ID development may be considered given other Congressional action.

Tom SullivanCHIME (healthcare CIOs) had event this week focused on conflict between non-blocking and HIPAA. 

Tom Jones New Privacy Protection group working in "Mobile DL" (Aka mDL.) Charter approval sched. for tomorrow. 

30 min

New Business: Recent presentations updating approaches to Patient Identity and the need to access and share more health data

a.  Most Americans Want to Share and Access More Digital Health Data.[PEW]  (report distributed with today's Agenda)

b. eHI YouTube webinar from June 30th on Patient Identity and matching with presentations from LexisNexis and the Blue Cross Association indicating they have about > 98% accuracy:
Click URL below for recording.....
WEBINAR: Innovative Solutions to Patient Matching and Identity Access Management - YouTube


a. Tom Sullivan Conflict between giving more info to patients and privacy protection.  In the report, Didn't see any provisions for redress. Even under HIPAA individuals cannot sue in Fed court-- HHS Office of Civil Rights has ability to levy fines. Possible that State privacy laws can be used by individuals. 

Tom Jones See that CARIN has started a list of patient apps that are complaint with CAIRN code of conduct. Would like to know more about what they are doing, because it seems to be addressing a need similar to what the Registry would do . 

b.  Jim KragheHI says 89%  in eHI Webinar, BC/BS says 98% accuracy. Some doubt that. But things are moving in the direction of more info exchange between payers to combat fraud. 

Tom Sullivan  "Jennifer" is CEO of eHealth

5 min

Next Meeting/Conference call schedule: Regularly scheduled Conference calls, every first and third Thursday at 2 PM ET: Next: Aug 19, 2021 

Tom Sullivan

Ended at 3:01PM.