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Voting Participants: Mark King, Mark Hapner, Martin Smith, Ken Dagg. 

Non-voting participants: Adam Cooper, Eric Thompson, Roger Quint

Guests: USPS – O. Reid-Christie

Staff: Colin Wallis

Apologies from JJ and Tim R. 

Quorum:  There was quorum.


Roll Call
Agenda Confirmation
Minutes approval 2021-04-22 DRAFT Minutes

2. Discussion

a. Criteria focused on Component Service Consumer.
b. Feedback on UK DCMS draft certification documents - Initial comments HERE (Deadline: May 7th)
c. Review and Comment: NIST open discussion issues in light of 800-63 rev.4 - IAWG is gathering comments HERE (Deadline: May 15th).
d. Review TSA RFI re mDL (Deadline: June 18th)

3. Any Other Business

Minutes Approval

2021-04-22 Minutes  were approved as presented, without  objection. Moved: Mark K.  Seconded: Mark Hapner. 

Criteria focused on Component Service Consumer.

  • Richard not present- skipping until next time.

Feedback on UK DCMS draft certification documents 

  • Ken asks for comments on draft response.  Summarizes our fairly general comments.
  • Ken asks for specific examples of inconsistent terminology.
  • Colin:  thought the DCMS document was light, but not bad. They do lack refs to public standards, references to sources of content, cross-recognition 
  • Ken generally agrees that document is not bad for this stage
  • Roger Quint asks if cross-recognition is not implicit; there is a ref to 17065, but Ken says goal and process for cross-recognition and certification process still ought to be more explicit. 
  • Ken will capture today's comments and figure out how to get them in the required comment format. Will circulate to list in 1-2 days for comments; due on May 7th so hope to finalize before next meeting.

Review and Comment: NIST open discussion issues in light of SP 800-63 rev.4

  • Ken: any further thoughts from this group?  Comments due in May. 
  • Eric can't access Google doc, requests Ken pull up the document under discussion. 
  • Colin asks about IAL1 (or IAL1-plus) requirement.  Adam Cooper says this is in demand, especially in government. 
  • Mark Hapner mentions what US IRS is doing to enhance ID verification. Separate channel (postal letter) and 
  • Adam C. – examples of IAL use cases. Colin adds – useful as a "starter" level especially for consumers/public. 
  • Roger Q – asks if there is a draft 63-4. Answer–not yet. 
  • Further discussion of use cases, and definition of what "plus" might be, and whether that could be somewhat standardized. 
  • Eric suggests that using the existing approach (what kinds of evidence – fair, good – and what combinations) could be used to standardized a 1-plus level.  Adam says that would be useful. 
  • Mark King: need to have a clearer "what will this accomplish" definition.  
  • Ken will try to update comments in light of today's discussion. 

Review TSA RFI re mDL 

  • Next time, but briefly:  Colin:   today's discussion could play into a possible response to TSA.  Believes Kantara will decide to make a response. 

Next meeting May 6th -adjourned at 2:03PM