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Authorization (and security) (Notice) before surveillance and Authentication.  A  human centred specification in that consent is the default context for notice, so that a notice is human understandable and meaningful. (regardless of legal authorization for data processing).   This specification relies upon standards for the generation of a record that can be used as a  proof of notice and a gateway for using a proof of notice as evidence for eConsent.  Address  Addressing many compliance and usability requirements for data governance, which is a task this specification is being drafted for mapping to.

In Focus

Decentralized Data Governance Systems for Human Understandable Notice, re digital identity interoperability. AuthC presents an alternative, more performative,  policy agreement starting point and format (Consent by Default) for enabling authorized and more dynamic data controls control. Implemented for the exchange of personal surveillance data; identifiers, preferences, and  policy though notice records

An 'Operational Privacy' alternative to: