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What a flying start to the year! There  There can't be any Januarys' in Januarys in public memory packed with so much drama with , sadness and hope with , inspiration - if not joy.  A Certainly a flying start certainly for the Kantara state.

You'll see a press announcement any day now , regarding another service Service that has been approved under Kantara's Identity Assurance Trust Framework, and we .  We also understand that a further contract has been signed between a global service provider and an assessor to under undertake a conformity assessment against Kantara's NIST 800-63-3 Class of Approval.

For many organisations January heralds the commencement of the a new Financial financial year where plans and budgets begin to be put into action. Kantara  Kantara is eternally grateful for the membership and sponsorship that results in from the strategic decisions taken by organizations to invest in our community for the betterment of the wider digital identity and privacy ecosystem.  Remember also that each existing Individual or Organization level member in good standing that introduces a prospective Organization level member that subsequently pays its member dues before the introducing member's next renewal anniversary, gets 25% of the new member's membership level rebated off the introducing member's membership renewal to a maximum of 100% of the introducing member's membership level. At Kantara, everyone benefits!

Thank you for rejoining ID Crowd! It It's great to have you back, as we celebrate the renewals from the Department of Internal Affairs, New Zealand Government, Board Director, Accredited Assessor Zygma, Patient Centric Solutions, and NeoCapita in Australia. 

Ken Dagg has joined the Staff cohort to pick up the Board Secretariat duties in a very busy period of transition for the Board. Members will be aware of the Board's proposal to add consider adding all 4 four Directors-at-Large candidates subject to the Board.  An All-Member-Ballot for the complete slate that will arrive in your Inbox later this week, while the Board develops .  Upon the All-Member-Ballot being successful, all four will join the Board.  The Board continues to develop action plans on its priority areas to pivot the organization onto the both its revised mission - to grow and fulfill the market for trustworthy use of identity and personal data - and that builds towards a its vision to see the equitable and transparent exchange of identity and personal data for mutual value.     Finally, Ken Dagg has joined the Staff cohort to pick up the Board Secretariat duties in a very busy period of transition for the Board.

Kantara community groups Groups and staff alike, had packed agendas over January. Kantara  Kantara joined forces with the Future Identity Council (FIC) to submit a detailed response to AAMVA's RFI regarding setting up a Digital Trust Service, essentially a public key store, in the their pursuit of rolling out mDL across the US. Given  Given how busy both organizations were, FIC's Gail Hodges and myself brought it home within the very tight timeframe, both .  Both organizations will use February to play it back into out their respective communities to ensure that we captured your perspectives correctly, and if not, make any changes known to AAMVA. And  And while mentioning the US, Treasury reached out to invite Kantara, along with a range of private sector companies and industry associations, to a US Financial Sector Policy Roundtable on February 9th. While  While unfortunately a closed session, members can take some comfort from the fact that around 25% of invited guests are Kantara members and liaisons, and are on the slate to speak (as well as Kantara itself).

We celebrated International Data Privacy Day wonderfully, with the launch of the Advanced Notice & Consent Receipt WG along with related events continuing through the weekend. It  It was fitting therefore that Sunday, January 31st was the deadline for comments on the 2nd Working Draft of ISO/IEC TS 27560 Consent Record Information Structure, and this group Group *** Colin: I’m not sure what Group developed the comments that were submitted *** developed the comments that were fed back to ISO through Kantara's Liaison with ISO SC27.  As we circle the globe, I should mention the regular engagement we had with the Australian, New Zealand Governments and UK Governments this month.       L

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